This page contains links to the structures and associations in which I participate as a photographer or creator of artistic events:

  • ARTYFOCAL – Since 2015, the Association ARTYFOCAL which I chair has organized several collective exhibitions and artistic events combining photography, ceramics, painting, work of authors, as well as multiple animations of live spectacle, Giving rise to beautiful experiences in the field of the arts and very beautiful encounters. ARTYFOCAL is an indispensable complement to my activity as it also carries projects that I am not able to lead as a photographer.
  • IBO – I have been involved since 2010 in the IBO Association (Images Banlieue Ouest) which organizes in May a photographic festival called “The Photographic Mai” in more than 40 communes of Toulouse and its far suburbs. This association has been an occasion for beautiful meetings and to push photographic projects out of my beaten path.
  • Le Rendez-Vous des Voyageurs – Since 1995, I have exhibited and projected my travel images, and then moved on to other photographic adventures. The association still exists and continues to produce high quality reports at the same time as it offers an alternative for multi-cultural urban outings.
  • Canal Sud Associative Radio Station – It was in 2010 that I hung my first “artistic” exhibition in the premises of Canal Sud. Since then, many projects have taken place with the radio, taking turns to involve the volunteer journalists, the sound takers, the equipment that I was willing to make available, or the walls for exhibitions.
  • Archipel – For years, the Archipel association is an idea and technical laboratory that has trained a large number of plastic artists on the Toulouse square. Since 2015, a tacit collaboration has been created with the association and has made it possible to set up projects involving plastic artists, ceramists and photographers.
  • Photo Section of the ASC CNES and Arno Brignon – Since 2011, I have participated in collective projects within the CNES Photo Club. Besides the immense pleasure of practicing the photo in good company, it will have been the opportunity to perfect my technique and my sense of composition thanks to and Arno Brignon, our main coach.
  • Az’art Atelier Editions – Since 2015 and the publication of the book “Marie-Rose, Marguerite and the public writer”, I had the opportunity to meet the formidable team of editions Az’art Atelier. Creativity, positivism and benevolence for “hazardeuses” creations that leave a great part to creativity. A whole program to which it was a real pleasure to participate by the setting up of joint events.

A big thank you to these associations that have accompanied me for several years in the development of this artistic passion. In addition to the possibility of developing this art, they have also been a source of quality encounters and human adventures.