Who am I ?

Photography has always exerted on me a certain fascination as element of testimony as of plastic beauty. However, it is only in adulthood that I would buy my first camera.

Graduated in electronical engineering and praticing the profession of engineer as main activity, I have shown my photos and exhibitions since 1995 as a self-educated photographer in various associations and photographic projects. Starting with travel photography, this is by photographing night scenes, then details that I naturally oriented my photographic work in 2010 towards abstraction. The encounter and the cooperation with the minimalist painter Suzy Dauriac was the occasion to move forward in this way. Since then, I continue to free myself from the constraints of realism by various means of taking pictures, processing images and prints, while sometimes addressing more figurative themes.

In 2015, I created the ARTYFOCAL association with Chantal Blanpain, whose objective is to help the diffusion and professionalization of artists. Since 2017, I am registered as a photographer under SIRET 828 453 720 00017.

Contemporary exhibitions

The following exhibitions:

  • 2010 “Night Rêverie” – Night photos,
  • 2011 “Earth Elements ” – Materials,
  • 2012 “Colors” – Installation of monochrome photos and paintings in collaboration with the minimalist painter Suzy Dauriac,
  • 2014 “The black” – Chromatic deformations in black and white,
  • 2015 “Floralies” – Graphs in a district in demolition,
  • 2015 “Rock Faces” – Forms and suggested human faces captured in the rock,
  • 2016 “My Abstractions” – Some abstract paintings,
  • 2016 “Nature Québec” – An interpretation of Quebec’s nature,
  • 2017 “Earth-Water-Iron” – A reflection on the transformation of the earth in iron gradually taking over its mineral form under the action of water
  • 2018 ‘Homework’ – The transformation of material and immaterial objects in something else


were hung:

  • in Toulouse (31): Canal Sud radio station, Méharées Dream space, MJC Roguet, La Loupiote bar, Samba Résille association, Artiempo gallery, Archipel,
  • in Léguevin (31): Halle Piquot, Tellez pharmacy,
  • in Blagnac (31): Odyssud community center, Salon des Délices,
  • at Muret (31): Haras de Lorane
  • in Montastruc-La-Conseillère (31): gym Body Concept,
  • in Saint-Sulpice-sur-Lèze (31): restaurant La Commanderie,
  • in Aspet (31): Tourist Office of the Three Valleys,
  • in Gaillac (81): Noctambio market,
  • in Mirepoix (09) as part of the D119 Association Photo Paths,
  • in Castelnaudary (11): Galerie Municipale Paul Sibra (in 2012 for the Mosaic World Festival, in 2017 at the 48th Salon de Castelnaudary organized by Painters Artists Lauragais), Chez David restaurant,
  • in Carcassonne (11): Espace Via Santé,
  • in Monteferrand (11), in the beautiful Minoterie de Naurouze as part of the TRAIT D’UNION event organized by ARTYFOCAL.

Others collective or personal achievements

  • since 1995 with the Rendez-Vous des Voyageurs association: presentation of diaries slideshows and exhibitions, in the premises of the association, during travelers’ forums, at the Toulouse Tourism Fair or during the day of the associations of Toulouse, in a young worker’s home, retirement houses and rural social centers.
  • since 2010 with the association IBO (Image Banlieue Ouest): collective thematic exhibitions on tarpaulins called “The walls have the Word”, Leguevin’s Author’s Festival (The Floralies, The walls of Berlin), exhibitions in various places and businesses within the framework of IBO photographic May  festibal (Desert, India, Cuba, Montreal and all my other exhibitions),
  • since 2012, exhibition on the Algerian Desert to the MJC Roguet of Toulouse at the invitation of the General Council of the Haute-Garonne, at the gallery Paul Sibra of Castelnaudary as part of the festival “Mosaic World” , in the association Rendez-vous des Travelers in Toulouse as well as in different places,
  • since 2012, exhibitions on the theme of Cuba, the Algerian Desert or Spain in the Médiathèque and for the Festiv’Eté of the city of Fonsorbes,   
  • since 2012 with the photo-video section of the CNES ASC: participation in collective projects “O Toulouse”, exhibited at the Rangueil District House as part of the Mois de l’Image 2014 organized by the city of Toulouse, projects “Travel” and “On the water” giving rise to exhibitions on paper posters stuck on CNES sports buildings.
  • in 2015, I restored and formatted my family photographs that illustrated the book “Marie-Rose, Marguerite and the public writer” written by my father and published by az’art atelier éditions and gave rise to several presentations accompanied by music and poetry, notably at the high-school and the Médiathèque of Fonsorbes,
  • in 2015, I founded with the photographer Chantal Blanpain the ARTYFOCAL association, whose purpose is to work for the dissemination and professionnalisation of artists. After a launching festival, a collective exhibition and a Christmas market, the TRAIT D’UNION art festival, which took place at the Minoterie de Naurouze from 13 July to 17 September 2017, brought together more than thirty artists and actors from the regional artistic world, and received nearly 3,000 visitors. Other projects of the same nature are in the pipeline.
  • in 2017, registerd as a photographer author authorized to receive the product of the sale of my works and copyrights, my home will soon receive the public during dedicated days,


This photographic activity leads me on the tracks that I propose to the public today.

Christophe CARRET