ARTYFOCAL was born in May 2015 under the leadership of Christophe CARRET and Chantal BLANPAIN, both involved in numerous artistic and cultural projects and willing to give the body to their activity.

Its goal is to promote and encourage the artistic and cultural creation at regional, national and international level, establishing for this places to share knowledge and skills, organize themed workshops and artistic events, exhibitions and product releases; the organization of exchanges, study tours, art events in France and abroad; administrative support, logistics and media to the implementation and dissemination; the establishment of partnerships and agreements with public and private players in connection with its object; any other legal action in connection with its purposes and more generally all industrial or commercial operations that may relate to the purpose or likely to facilitate its expansion or development. We want, at our own pace, accompany budding or experienced in their production process, implementation of dissemination and professionalization. We also want to create encounters and synergies between artists.

ARTYFOCAL is a nomadic association. It can organize here and there artistic events involving artists from different disciplines, different cultures, on topic that may be renewed. The website and the administrative structure enable it to position itself as a vis-à-vis towards structures interested by art.

Based on a small group of very busy volunteers, ARTYFOCAL is a small structure for the time being. We are, however, more than satisfied with the events we have been able to put in place so far and we expect to surprise our audience again.


Christophe CARRET and Chantal BLANPAIN