This page contains links to the structures with which ARTYFOCAL works or cooperates:

  • IBO – The IBO Association (Images suburb west) which organizes in May a photographic festival called "Le mai Photographic" in more than 40 communes of Toulouse and its great crown. It was through IBO that the idea of ARTYFOCAL germinated.
  • The rendezvous of travellers – since 2016, the Travellers ' Association has placed its premises at our disposal for very small sums of money.
  • Radio Associative Canal Sud – it is the Radio canal Sud that hosted our launch festival, accepted our exhibitions and all the pranks that we proposed to him, with the bonus of an excellent Quality.
  • Archipelago – The archipelago association is an idea and technical laboratory that has trained a large number of plastic artists on the Toulouse square. Since 2015, a tacit collaboration and the meeting with artists trained on the spot has enabled the creation of projects involving plastics, ceramists and photographers.
  • Az'art Atelier Editions – since its inception, ARTYFOCAL has been fully supported by the editions Az'art atelier in the person of Danièle Rathi-Triquère and James Triquère. During the event of the hyphen, Az'art Atelier Edition has largely contributed to the programme of animations by appealing to its authors that we strongly thank for having agreed to share with us their passions with animations of great Quality. A positivism and an all-round benevolence for "hazardeuses" creations that leave great part to creativity. A whole program to which it was a real pleasure to participate by the setting up of joint events.
  • Arno Brignon, Danièle Boucen, Amy Fischer – ARTYFOCAL is a laboratory whose purpose is the diffusion and professionalisation of artists. By their presence on our demonstrations, Arno, Danièle, Amy and many others have given our demonstrations a more professional twist. We thank them in bulk here. You will find traces of their interventions on this site.