ARNO BRIGNON: Presentation of the book “Based on A true Story”

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A graduate of the ETPA, Arno Brignon, whose activity extends far beyond the borders of Toulouse, is also a trainer at Espace Saint-Cyprien. Her exhibition “Josephine” was exhibited at the Chateau de l’eau in Toulouse while her exhibition on the step of the square was exhibited at the Jean Cabanis Library. His exhibitions deal with themes that highlight man in his environment, urban or migratory, family or territorial. “Based on a True story” is a reflection on the territory, on the inheritance that the roots can leave and of which they can enrich themselves. The exhibition was presented in 2016 at Espace Saint-Cyprien. Arno agreed to come and talk to us about this experience in the Couserans…. At the bottom of the Pyrenees.

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