ODRADEK Collective – aktion 110

Contact: 05 61 90 04 62

Odradek is an informal group, composed of a variable number of artists, who intervenes since 1999 by proposing “Aktions” in festivals, collective exhibitions, various public places. At each appearance of Odradek, in the form of installations, expos, performances or other, the objective is to present, share and live an aesthetic experience with an openness to the world as it is, as we saw it, using art and tools Plastics as a means of creation and expression and of critical action. Odradek seeks a trace of meaning to artistic activity, of everything that makes art an exceptional activity to produce exceptional objects. It is useful to put in certain circumstances the world of art in parentheses, to invent its own tools of understanding of the world. To disregard the fact that art is a tradable, transportable, usable product, that is, a commodity, a product, often of luxury to entertain, a therapy or a minimal means of subsistence “art as the best way to escape from the factory” ». To ignore these facts in order to ask the question: what is the meaning of making art in a given society? This is the question Odradek istrying to ask by this Aktion 110.

An interview in french of 3 artists of the collective to watch and listen by clicking on the following link: Interview Odradek

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