MICHEL BAUDET – “The links that liberate” – Painting

Face Book @ https://www.facebook.com/Michel-Baudet-Peintre-448999251944500

Contact: +33/4 68 23 54 88/Email: baudetmichel1@orange.fr

“I started painting in the years 70, immersing myself in the concepts of abstraction, optical art and conceptual art. Music, a subject of privileged inspiration, will be a preliminary reference providing the necessary precision and rigour. After a long pause, I took up the brush only in 2006 to engage in a pictorial approach that I called “BIO-NEURO-ART”: Most of my paintings are composed with oil from drawings of very reduced sizes made, such a writing Automatic, under special conditions where the mind is “disconnected” if not directed to other stimulations. I am claiming these means to let express a creativity which I am ultimately only the tool of transformation. Therefore, this allows me to answer the question: “How can we move from a researcher to a finder without going through the first stage?” to finally become in action, the humble servant of a process that surpasses me, the artisan of a production that does not Not belong to me, but that I have to elaborate in the rules of ART! ”

An interview in french of the artist to watch and listen by clicking on the following link : Interview Michel Ball

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