NANDA LAVAQUERIE – “Between Dream and reality” – photography

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“A graduate of the School of Art and photography of Nice and a graduate of Arts, photography and new media from the Université de Saint-Denis, I started in 2000 a photographic work on the dream, the imaginary and the soul. I have worked around the desire, the doubt, the fear, the suffering and the death, the spirituality and the couple. My world is fantastic and expressionist, between figuration and abstraction. The soul with its whispers and cries. Eroticism is close, so is dementia. Between life and death, blood is never far away. The man and the animal get confused. The elements mix. Between dream and reality…. The sensations are there. My work is in direct shooting, ie without digital retouching, nor retouching on the negative. The dream and the reality come together. My photographs have been exhibited in Paris, Bièvre (1st prize Young photographer), Arles, Cane, Limoges, Strasbourg, Metz, Toulouse, Barcelona and New York. I won in May 2016 the 3rd Prize of the 47th Salon of Castelnaudary. ”

An interview in french of the artist to watch and listen by clicking on the following link: Interview Nanda

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