SUZY DAURIAC- Painting & Poems

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“A classical training, a few years of cultural and artistic nomadism. A personal search and a realization: in itself, the color is enough to make live the pictorial space, to make sensitive a reality all inside. My monochromatics are the most accomplished expression and invite the spectator to enter a world of silent contemplation, a universe of plenitude. So I became, in all innocence, a minimalist painter. A few years earlier, I was also innocent, discovered that what I was writing deserved to be called poems. In 2011, I exhibited at Castelnaudary monochrome and poems. One of them inspires Géraud Gleize, composer and author. Which makes me reconnect with the universe of the song. Here I am once again a singer-songwriter! ”

An interview of the artist to watch and listen by clicking on the following link: Interview Suzy Dauriac

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