The project

From January 8 to 22, 2016, ARTYFOCAL organized its launch festival in the premises of the radio Canal Sud in Toulouse around a collective exhibition and 3 thematic evenings:

  • The exhibition brought together three photographers and one painter around themes close to abstraction. The vernissage took place on January 8th as part of the exhibition of Radio channel Sud’s month. The artists-Nanda LA, Chantal Blanpain, Suzy Dauriac and Christophe CARRT-were able to present their work as well as the collective ARTYFOCAL during an interview conducted by Chantal Fauchay on the premises of the radio.
  • The evening of January 15 was devoted to writing and speech with the invitation of the author Joseph carrt-Tarrek, the editor Danièle Roblin-Triquière and the poet Vauclusien Frederick Gambin. Claire Montigné also participated in reading some passages from the book. Readings of the book “Marie-Rose, Marguerite and the public writer” as well as poems inspired by this book were proposed and a Provencal meal was served. Sound was taken by Chantal Fauchay and Fabien during the evening and an interview was carried out as part of the “Magazine” of Marie-Madeleine du train on 15 January.
  • The evening of 22 January gave rise to a debate on the theme of abstraction. The participants expressed themselves on this theme from quotes from artists and personalities known for their connection to abstract art or abstract thinking.

Photo Gallery

Sound Tapes


All our thanks to the volunteers of ARTYFOCAL and those of the radio Canal Sud for their help in the service, the reception of the public, the interviews and the editing of sound recordings.

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