The “TRAIT d’UNION” project was held on the superb site of the flour Mill of Naurouze ( The mill is located at the threshold of Naurouze, on the edge of the plain which feeds the Canal du Midi from the reservoir of Saint-Ferréol. Watershed line, the Naurouze threshold is a link between the ocean and the Mediterranean. The building, whose first stones date from the construction of the canal and which remained in operation until the years 1980, is also a hyphen between epochs.

Artists on either side of this fictitious border have been invited to represent both the Mediterranean side and the ocean side. The event presented works of art, painting/plastic art/photo/ceramics as well as books. Animations, lectures, shows and workshops were also organized. Having received close to 2000 visitors between 15 and 30 July, the event was extended until 17 September, the date of the heritage days.

A big thank you to Annie Spark, the owner, and her husband for their warm welcome during the preparation and the duration of this project and until the heritage Days, during which Annie received the visitors of the obelisk dedicated to Pierre-Paul Riquet.

An interview with Anny Spark to watch and listen on youtube:






The event was related in several articles of its Chaurienne edition of 24/07/2017 and several local or regional sites also informed the public about the holding of the event.

Other testimonials on the site of the Minoterie http:


We warmly thank the people who contributed to the success of this event:

  • Annie and Andrew Spark who opened the doors of the flour mill and Annie Spark who relayed the event on the Flour mill blog and on the Facebook page Artyfocal, and held the Sunday Permanences from August 6 to September 10 ,
  • The exhibiting artists for their active participation in this project a little crazy and for the development of the flour mill, the holding of the workshops and the manifest and repeated acts of volunteering that have largely exceeded the implication to a “classical” event,
  • The Odradek collective for the installation of contemporary art and performances,
  • The association “One train can hide another” for its participation on the weekend of the heritage days and the valuable advice,
  • The publishing house Azart workshops for its presence during the two weeks of July, the organization of animations and constructive criticisms on the installation,
  • The authors and other guests for the quality of the animations they have given, theatre, dance, readings, songs, lectures and presentations,
  • Volunteers for installation and storage assistance, flyers and posters, advertising, permanence, stewardship and their friendly support,
  • The Radio channel South for the interview in the magazine and Christelle Marti for the very nice article in the dispatch of Midi.
  • The members who joined us on the occasion of this event,
  • Cathy Prétou, who referred the audience to the exhibition during the two weeks of July,
  • Bernard Biac, who brought his music contest on the evening of the opening,
  • Andrew Spark for his good little dishes… And his staff for his kindness to our place,
  • The 2500 visitors who visited the exhibition between July 13th and September 17th.

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