CHRIS TAAL and René: Live poetry and world music

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Chris TAAL was invited by the Editions Azart Workshop. Ex salaried RH converted to humanistic poetry, she writes and declaims today texts around the themes of love, peace, the beauty that surrounds us, life, the one that makes us what we are in reality, in our inner. His texts are a call to be allowed to be born to this inner being, they speak of freedom, of Respect, of Gratitude, of universality, of authenticity, of transcended fears, of resilience, of love, of difference, of daring, of daring to be, of daring to live, of daring to dream. She has published the collection of poems “Femmes”, directed by Mélanie Graney, as well as the CD “be · s”.

Excerpts from his shows to see and listen to his YouTube account: Chris TAAL YouTube Account

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