JOSEPH CARRET-TARREK : Presentation of the book “Marie-Rose, Marguerite and the public writer”


Joseph, storyteller and public writer, tells us about the genesis of this book, published by Azart Éditions Atelier en 2015 from recordings made on cassette in 1980. His aunts, two old ladies who remained single at the exit of the Great War for lack of valid husbands, will have during their laborious life told stories about this period that everyone in the village knew: History of the hard life in the deserted village Of his valid men, of the work of the fields, of the weight of morals and of the church, of soldiers gone and returned, alive or dead, stories of women on whom everything rests, without medals. A tribute to these women whose husbands, brothers or fathers were at the front and who had to take on them so that life would continue. Edited by Azart Workshop Edition, the book was presented at the launch of ARTYFOCAL in January 2016 and on other occasions, especially in the school setting and of course, in the village where some still remember the aunts.

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